Under the pressure of globalization and impacts from international free trade agreement, the textile industries in Taiwan have no longer retain the benefits from labor-intensive export. Textile industries must focus on the trend of newly developed markets and formulate blue-ocean strategies. The industries must be vertically integrated, eventually joining all the links in the supply chains to build leading products and brands. To keep leadership, the textile products requires constantly developing new functions for increasing the additive values. Therefore, Taiwan textile industry must steadily invested in new machinery and developed new materials and corresponding technologies. The novel industrial fabrics will be the future trend of global textile industries, and the ratio of apparel fabrics market will decreases. However, the researches of new fiber material in Taiwan still lag far behind advanced countries, and the key raw material have been controlled by foreign companies. This limits the adaptability and benefits of local industries. To localize the manufacture of functional fabric materials, the research team of Feng Chia University has been devoted to teaching and research developments of the functional fiber and composite materials for years. Research output has been recognized by many outstanding rewards and technological authorizations. Functional fabrics research will lead bright future to the Feng Chia University.

  In 2010, Feng Chia University and Taiwan Textile Research Institute cofound “Textile Industry Research Center” to build a R&D platform of innovative fabric technologies. In 2013, the research team further cooperates with the other outstanding research team of Feng Chia University, materials science and engineering, to implement the “Industrial Fundamental Technology Project” of Ministry of Science and Technology. Therefore, “Textile and Material Industrial Research Center” of Feng Chia University has been established to coordinate all tangible and intangible R&D resources of raw materials, finishing and product designing of FCU team. The research team concentrates on the fabrication process and technological development of high value added functional fibers. The properties of the novel functional fibers has be studied to explore the critical points for the potential applications and marketing products. All of the multi-functional fiber products are developed for international markets and industrial development tendency. A series course of workshop including theoretical and experimental parts for manufacturing, characterization, and application of the functional fibers are designed and given to the students and industry for each season. The industrial experts are also invited to speed up the industrial-academic cooperation and rooted-in industries. An industrial and strategic alliance, “Functional Textiles and Materials Industry Development Consortium”, has also been established to link industries, government, academy, for the research, training and open innovation with long term operation. The project will assist the basic technological ability of the fiber related industries, improve the high quality and added value fiber products, and enhance the international competitiveness of the fiber industries.

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